Ok, man, lets try one last time

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Dis is the cover page:


And dis is for the content:


Lets hope this time it works, and thanks to all the help from Helen

Ok man, lets try one more time

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One more try

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Ok, one more try to put this up on the web.


Oh the lord

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Ok, InDesign, won’t open my pdf

so, I am uploading a invisiable version. Although you can’t see it by eyes, but if you close ur eyes, you will feel it.


As-ment final

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O…wonderful summer, it has been.

One month passed by really really quick but at the same time, it feels forever.

In this last assiagment, i’ve learned how to used InDesign first time of my life.

The booklet has been created today, I am really happy about that, and yes, that is my first booklet ever in my life.

I had a lot fun and pain in this summer, after a week and half vocation, there will be one more year to go.

But before I get into all the life stuff, i need to upload my pdf for the final project.

and before i do that, i have to locate where my pdf is saved

ok, now, let me get into the life stuff

ok im in

hv a great summer


As-ment No 2.5 THE REWARD

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After I’ve done everything, I hired myself to be a life model for my poster and rewarded myself a cig. It was pretty sweet.


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So, I find a spot fo post my poster.


I liked it

some people were confused about what I was doing.

enough said, silence is golden, here is my poster.